~The Kununurra Kool Collection~

You heard it hear first- the hottest throws for the coolest nights are here! Featuring Miriwoong, Jaru and Kwini artists from the East Kimberley region. The East Kimberley is synonymous with ochre, using rich earthy textures and natural forged pigments. 

Ben Ward is a senior artist and director at Waringarri arts who is known for his trailblazing aesthetic. Modernising his practice, Ben's work is meticulous and powerful, appealing in both context and form. A myriad of ideas and shapes, the work traces both the water ways and stories of his traditional Country. 

Jaru artist Louise Malarvie is one to watch; painting with her family from a young age, her work traces the flood plains and landscapes of the desert in Jaru Country. With grace and elegance, Louise articulates the rhythms of this vast area, vibrating with her unique sensibility. 

Kwini artist Betty Bundamurra is from Kalumburu. Single handedly pushing the boundaries of the accepted rock art representation, she paints the Gwion with authority. The tasselled and ceremonial figures carry implements whist wearing the characteristic fashion often seen in Betty's figures. 

Together these three throws start a story about the East Kimberley - which one is your favourite? 

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